Villa Aix Vineyard | Napa Wedding

Listen, I wish I could bring you all along everywhere I go, like to every wedding.  This wedding was at Villa Aix Vineyard in Napa.  You see, I know I’m a romantic, I know that it can’t always be as magical as I think.  But, I believe this one was.  I desperately want to you to see the love and care that went into Tammy & Lloyd’s wedding, don’t get me wrong I love these images.. But I wish you could have come along to experience the love of this family.  As soon as we got to Villa Aix, Tammy offered me wine and just treated me like family.  When ever this happens, it makes me want to shoot as if I was actually photographing my family (which has it’s pros and cons). But the whole entire weekend was simply pure magic.  Here are just a few of the photos, from just one of the days I spent with them.   Much love to you Tammy & Lloyd and your entire family! You are the reason I do what I do!

Guys, my home girl Marissa was a dream to work with and she put together such a wonderland for Tammy, I was having a field day! check out her work at So Eventful

Heather from Gloextensions Denver came out along with Camela, Tammy’s trainer came out from Colorado and along with just being awesome and fun they were so incredibly inspiring! Love you ladies!

Raina was an insanely talented make-up artist, I don’t use make up but if I did, I’d call her.

Gosh, and the staff at Villa Aix… I might have my wedding here.. that’s how much I loved them! So great!


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