Social Distancing Photoshoot

Although this social distancing photoshoot was a few years ago, I was so excited to revisit it in light of the current times. Rodney and Kathryn were so amazing to come onboard and help me explore the visual qualities of distance and connection. I often have clients who have a long distance relationships and they share how this makes them stronger. I wanted to explore this with a shoot that took touch out of the equation, in hopes to visually represent the depth of journey my clients experience. It’s a deconstructed look at what I normally do to get down to the essence of what’s worth photographing. In this first photo I told Rodney and Kathryn to express what a hug feels like with out actually seeing each or talking to each other. While it was an experiment for me at the time, I love how Kathryn could fit into Rodney’s arms and it would be a classically photographed moment! Dare I say that in these times even though we aren’t physically close I hope we can feel the intimacy of the human spirit and continue to love each other no matter the distance.

-Adonye Jaja

Eventually, they did touch – because well, I’m not a savage.


Colorado Scenic Byway Guanella Pass Engagement Shoot

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