Parker Palm Springs Wedding

Kristin & Ryan

EKS Events

This one is melodic to me. It’s a long post because I want you to hear the love notes, the crescendos, and abrupt staccato moments.  I’m not high and mighty with this pursuit. I am hopeful. Love story’s are worth the poems and songs that have been written about them, they are worth putting your all into, they are worth more than the some of their parts, I think we dull them down because we know they are hard, but I hold on to a hope, that a love like this one Strong and full grace will be attainable for all.  Ryan & Kristen, I love attention to detail and big love that was all over your wedding at the Parker Palm Springs.  All of the events from the welcome dinner through the Wedding were so well styled in wonderful detail by the bride Kristin, who is a designer in Aspen, and the amazing Team at EKS Events (I love these Angels).  I flew in a friend and fellow rangefinder rising Star award winner, Paul Santos, all the way from England and I knew this one would be one for the record books.  Paul, I can’t wait to create with you again, you are so inspiring and you pushed me to create some of my favorite images to date!

I hope you see what I am after here, I hope you hear it, I hope that it pushes us all to create deeper love stories …that I can then photograph ..ha ha!





Colorado Scenic Byway Guanella Pass Engagement Shoot

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