China destination wedding | Mutianyu great wall

Wow, I don’t even know how to begin to tell you how fulfilling this trip was.  From the markets in Beijing, to a village near the Great wall of China to an amazing wedding!!  I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.  We stayed in this sweet house that is part of The Schoolhouse,  it had trails behind that led up a mountain and when I hiked up these birds with crazy long tails started flying around, it was super surreal.  Can something be super surreal? Anyhow the wedding was indeed super nice.  Alan and Alissa did an amazing job of planning this wedding.  It was so beautiful!  A traditional Chinese tea ceremony started off the day and then we hiked up to the GREAT WALL OF CHINA!!  It. Was. Cool.  This was my first trip out of the country let alone to the great wall, so I was pretty excited, and so were all of the Chinese tourist who had never seen a black person before, I think I was IN more pictures than I took up there. haha.  Ok, Ok, Ok the wedding was at The Brickyard, a renovated old… well, brickyard. The staff at the Schoolhouse and the Brickyard were amazing, the were so friendly and helpful, it was remarkable.  My heart is smiling just thinking about this day.  Congratulations to Alan and Alissa, I hope the spirit and energy of your wedding day lives with two of you forever, thank you for having me.

I need to take a moment of silence to thank Otto Schulze  for having me join him for this wedding………

Okay seriously, thank you Otto, you never cease to inspire.

If you haven’t checked out his post of this wedding, then do yourself and favor click here.  It’s worth it.  Hey thanks for taking the time to visit the site guys I hope you enjoy the post, first there is some personal work and then wedding… ah you get the picture!


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