Breckenridge Nordic Center Wedding

Gabrielle & Jonathan

This was an epic wedding at the Breckenridge Nordic Center.  I mean, I don’t even know where to begin from the clients, guests, vendors to the weather this day was absolutely perfect!   Gabrielle, found me through a mutual friend whose wedding I photographed in Breckenridge last year, so I was happy to go back to Breckenridge and see some old friends and make some new ones.  Breckenridge is such a charming town, I am always pleased when I get to make pictures there.  I met up with Gabrielle and Jonathan in New York earlier this year for some amazing Korean BBQ and I just loved getting to hang with them a bit before their wedding.  They compliment each other so well, and I was happy to hear how much Gabrielle and Jon cared about each other and their day. I often say that I love my clients’ imagery, and to see in it what I see.  Gabrielle’s care for her day caused it to come together so well, every entity sang.  Everyone seemed to be at the top of their game so I was able sink in and create some imagery that I had only been an able to dream about.  Literally, there a couple of images here that I saw first in my dreams…yes, I dream about imagery :)… Anyhow, there was so much love and passion in the air, I hope you can feel it in the images! So cheers to everyone involved, a special shout out to Chandler Kim for coming along and creating imagery with me on this one!  And Cheers to Gabrielle and Jonathan for being a dream.  May your years be filled with dreamlike days.  For Cheer!

Here are some old and new friends that help make the day so special

Planning –  Bride – Gabrielle

Day of Coordinating/Planning – As you wish – Heidi

Photography – Adonye Jaja photography (me guys) 

Videography –  Forget me Not Media

Florist – Petal & Bean

Hair – The Chopping Block

Dress – Nicole Miller

Cake/Dessert – Sugar

Music/DJ – Drew Reges

Catering – Blue Stag Saloon

Jon & Gabriella0001

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