Savannah Engagement Shoot – from Wormsloe to Tybee, to River Street

My brother’s engagement shoot in Savannah, GA.  Got to hit all the popular spots like, Wormsloe, Tybee Island and River Street.  booyachi!

Tuba & Ashley

Alright, alright, alright! I have been so excited to share this! My older bro bro is engaged and is getting married next month!  This is such an exciting time.  My brother and his fiance Ashley are what you would call a power couple.  Seriously, I think they should apply to be on the amazing race because they would win hands down, they just work.  (Seriously brother you should apply).  They just go all out, all the time, my brother is the kind of guy that by the times he leaves a new restaurant he has made friends with the chef, and has vouchers for free meals in his pocket to boot. So their engagement was beautiful as well,  I mean he set up a flash mob filled with dancers, streamers, mascots, and of course a ring! It was so romantic. I will link to the official video once it is up! I love that my family believes in the power of love and the necessity of romance.  But, the bar is now set so high for me and my other two brothers, not to mention the expectations my sister will have of their men. Okay, I will not be photographing their wedding, but I was super pumped to be able to spend a few days with them revisiting Savannah, GA.  We wanted it to be very Savannah-esque, and romantic, So we started off at Wormsloe historic park, then we went to Tybee Island Beach, and finished at the ever – so busy river street, with a couple of stops in between.  Man, did I have a blast. I always enjoy shooting, but it was awesome to see my brother in love through the lens and to see how effortless and comfortable their expression of love is. Congrats my brother, welcome to the family Happy Hands Ashley!