Lyons Farmette Wedding

Jeff & Jessica

I’ve been looking forward to this Farmette wedding in Lyons, CO for almost a year.  You might remember Jeff and Jess from one of my favorite engagement shoots from last year.  I’ve wanted to shoot at the Lyons Farmette for a few years now, it is extremely beautiful and it’s only about an hour from Denver, so it feels like a gem in my back yard.  I must say that it also lends itself to a high level of intimacy.  There was so much loved packed into this day.  Every hug prompted a tear…evidence of the entire iceberg of connection beneath the surface that I only get to see the peak of on the wedding day.  Loved it! There was a little rain on the day, but just enough to give the day a bit of character.  And Jeff and Jess were perfect clients just living every moment as it came.  Congrats guys!   Have to give a big shout out to Georgia English and Eat Catering for coordinating a fantastic day. plus big ups to main man Steven Wade for shooting with me as well!  Thanks again Jeff & Jess it was such a pleasure!

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