Devils Thumb Ranch Wedding

Steve & Claire

This one was a grand day for me filled with wonderful people and so many beautiful children.  The drive up to Devil’s thumb Ranch was a beautiful snowy dream, that happens so often in Colorado.  I am only sad I couldn’t show you more photos of the snow covered pine.  Mmm..maybe in another post.  Steve & Claire’s wedding was absolutely perfect; filled with so many real moments and so much laughter!  There a few moments I blogged below that really epitomize what a real wedding is like.  There is an idea in photography that a photographer should “see order among the chaos”  or something like that.  This wedding wasn’t chaotic at all, it was actually extremely pleasant, but every event has it’s moving parts and trying to find photographs; moreover, imagery as things are happening is the reason I do this.  I love the challenge.. and as an artist I succeed and fail at hitting my mark every time, but there images in this set that I want forever.. and I am so happy for clients who believe in me and let me play. I am glad I can give these images to them’s no small thing.   Steve & Claire had an all star cast with Bluebird productions at the helm and Prema rocking the style.  Mmm.. just the best people. Steve & Claire, cheers to you and your family and friends! It was such a pleasure to spend the day with you!  I wish you many more smiles, laughs,  and snowy days that remind you to hold each other tight!

For Cheer!

Planner – Bluebird Productions  

Venue – Devils Thumb Ranch 

Stylist/Florist – Prema

Band – Tunisia

Photographer  – Adonye Jaja


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