Vineyard Destination Wedding

Aubrey & Soushiant

So thrilled that i was invited to attend this elegant vineyard wedding in Canada.  In Penticton, Canada to be exact.  This wedding gave me a glimpse into my future…what could I possibly mean by that?  Well, I learned from it, something rubbed off on me…something addicting that I hope rubs off on you if we ever meet or meet again.  At every wedding I attend everyone is on their best behavior…the bride and groom are always the best people you have ever met and they have always had the best upbringing with the best life yada yada yada….  I honestly believe this to be true of most of my couples… I don’t think it’s easy to fake a beautiful spirit.  The visible iceberg of character has an invisible counterpart with a depth found well in between the lines of moments.  The most memorable thing about Soush is how he would embrace his friends at the neck and kiss their cheek… at first this caught me off guard so I photographed with intent.  Then as the day went on I saw that this was only the magnificent iceberg attached to a host of character beneath the surface…  I purposefully left those many neck hugs and cheek kisses out of this post, in effort to display the moments in between the lines.  My friend Sachin Khona brought me up to Vancouver to shoot this wedding with him, and if you follow my work at all you know that this passionate photographer pushes me to create like no one else.  Check out his take on this wonderful day here.  It was so awesome to explore Vancouver and drive through the country to get to Penticton. Aubrey and Soush put us up in a magnificent little house on the property of the Serenata Guesthouse, which is the vineyard where there celebration was held. It was an absolutely tremendous venue, sporting over 300 types of trees (trees are my heaven…so I was in heaven). At breakfast on the day of the wedding it started to rain and everyone moved inside the house huddling their lips around coffee and great meal.  At one point we couldn’t find Aubrey, and noticed that she was outside in the rain ever so quietly and oh so gracefully moving her details out of the rain.  This was fuel for me, I turned to Sachin,who was in a similar way, and said “let’s rock this shoot”  (I probably said something a little less cool but my memory fails me ha ha).  Her silent passion for her day rang so loud to me.  My hope isn’t that these images ring load, but that you get a glimpse of their genuine connection and that you feel an embrace at the neck and a kiss on the cheek. Congrats guys!

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