Bluebird Styled

I am always so pumped when my peers push the industry in different directions.  It only adds to the overall breadth and diversity of the celebrations that our clients enjoy.  Bluebird productions is one of the premiere event planning companies in the Aspen, CO.  They are true masters of their craft and absolutely delightful to work with!  Virginia, and her crew put together this beautifully unique concept and it was such pleasure to play and create something new with my peers. Love, love, love it!  This industrial styled shoot was so for me and I hope to show more in the future:)    Big thanks go out to Steven Wade for assisting me on the shoot.  Steph at Lale Floral was incredible and has such a passion for what she does, can’t wait to photograph a wedding she brings to life with her amazing gift!  A super shout out to Fran at Prema, for not only her wonderful vision but also being a gorgeous and amazingly patient model for the day.  Thanks to John and his family for letting us use their awesome art space for the shoot, you should stop by Converge for a tour they are super sweet and the space is this neat industrial art co-op in the middle of the RiNo district.   To Virginia, thanks for having me along and for continuing to push and craft the industry!  Cheers to all the amazing vendors that contributed to the concept!  Lastly, I would like to thank Nina Simone for serenading me as I write this. Here is a glimpse of my take on their vision. Thanks for stopping by!

Photography: this kid
Coordination: Bluebird Productions
Styling: Prema
Calligraphy: Kathryn Murray
Jewelry: Cuff and Earrings by Doozie Jewelry
Manicure: Ashley Smith at Base Coat
Hair/Make up: Carly Elizabeth at Blow

BlueBird0221 BlueBird0002 BlueBird0043

BlueBird0033 BlueBird0037 BlueBird0079 BlueBird0048 Untitled-5 Untitled-6 BlueBird0081 BlueBird0051

Untitled-2 BlueBird0053 Untitled-3 Untitled-4 BlueBird0178 Untitled-7

BlueBird0124 BlueBird0118 BlueBird0154 BlueBird0156

BlueBird0146 Untitled-8

BlueBird0165 BlueBird0179 BlueBird0193 BlueBird0199 BlueBird0202 BlueBird0224 BlueBird0226 BlueBird0230 BlueBird0232 Untitled-9 BlueBird0227


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