Aspen Mountain Wedding

Maile & Matt – Aspen Mountain Wedding

I am not sure where to start with this one guys, except to say that I absolutely love what I do.  I probably say that with every wedding I post, but it’s true.  Each one is so unique and, being a feeler, I love each one in a different way.  Was it Rumi that said “you can never step into the same river twice, for other waters are continually flowing in.”?  No, I google it…it was Heraclitus, whoever that is…maybe they were friends.  I am so thrilled with the newness that every wedding brings.  Even though I have shot on Aspen Mountain many times, somehow this one was the first time.  It was the first time shooting at the Aspen Chapel, which is the church with the tall steeple at the roundabout along hwy 82, such a cozy beautiful space.  More importantly, it was my first time to really get to know the friendship of Maile & Matt.  I met Maile at Salon Tullio, and instantly fell in love with her and the people she surrounded herself with with. I felt like I could do my thing.  Later, I met Matt relaxing with his guys at The Little Nell.   Their ceremony at Aspen Chapel was perfect.  But my favorite part of the day was my ride up the gondola with Maile & Matt… we talked for a bit then we slipped into silence.  I love silence, it is where photographs exist.  I am often times in my own world when I am shooting trying not to listen as much as see. But in silence these worlds collide and I am forced to unmask my intent.  Literally, my thoughts were made known by the amplified gear grinding of my shutter wheel.  It took me to thoughts of the future of my business, there are so many things in the works and I felt so blessed to be riding up to the top of the mountain with my clients and my camera. For the love of the moment.  Ah, coffee must of kicked in.   The night ended with an absolutely romantic candle lit dinner at the top of the Mountain.  Dinner was divine and the whole night was absolutely stunning thanks to a beautifully designed event by Bluebird Productions. Mad props to Steven Wade for jamming with me on this one, it has been a wild ride brother!  Here is a list of the all star vendors Bluebird put together to make the event run like a…Baller wedding on Aspen Mountain boyee!  Maile and Matt, congratulations and thank you so much for having me. I pray that everyday of your union is as new and amazing as the first!

Planner –  Bluebird Productions

Photographer  –

Videographer –  K Hodge Films

Ceremony Venue – Aspen Chapel

Hair & Make up – Salon Tullio

Reception / Catering – The Little Nell

Cake – D’Elissious

DJ – DJ Maestro

Floral/Decor  – Carolyn’s Flowers