I cried when I realized this could happen, that it could be worth it.
That my dreams could be realized for my son..that my father's dream could be actualized..
I guess I didn't know that the dialogue in my mind could be put to purpose.. How wonderful it is to be me somewhere... to chase a life befitting the call.

After college, I met an artist who taught me to see between the lines.  to use a camera to create something more than the some of it's parts.  It so happeneded that he taught me this at weddings, in service to others while fully being myself.  

I have had the privilege to travel the world photographing different wedding celebrations.  From China, South America, Nigeria and all through out North America it has been a pleasure to create art in a multitude of locations.   I now live in Colorado with my Vizlsa Kele, together we are honored to create for a discerning clientele all over the world.  

For Cheer, 

-Adonye Jaja